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I've got a dark alley & a bad idea that says you should shut your fucking mouth [entries|friends|calendar]
Miss Chanandler Bong

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[19 Jul 2011|03:35pm]

No set of rules, no loyalty oaths, no ritualistic sacrifices, no signing over your soul to me, just add me if you want. Add backs are not promised, but chances are if you a pretty nifty kid, you'll get one.
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The hard way to clean your friends list. [11 Jan 2005|03:52pm]
bestxxdeception >>> xforgetmenotsx >>> wesaucereyes
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[07 Jan 2005|01:24pm]
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[02 Jan 2005|05:32pm]
The Soundtrack
// Gym Class Heroes // Hellogoodbye // Glasseater // A Dozen Furies // The Akas //
// Carter Beats The Devil // Bitter Doji // Fall Out Boy // My American Heart // Pygmy //
// The Down Home Southernaires // PANIC! at the disco // Mae // Anberlin // lassothemoon! //
// Juliette and the Licks // Jay-Zeezer // Salem // All My Heroes // mewithoutyou //
// Never Heard of It // My Chemical Romance // Estrela // Offset // Para //
// The Erica Sommer Project // The Bled // The Bronx // Rise Against // Scary Kids Scaring Kids //
// the norman-we-rockwells // armsbendback // Funeral For a Friend // Even in Blackouts //
// Eisley // The Locust // These Arms are Snakes // boysnightout // Jupiter Sunrise //
// Strike Anywhere // The Academy Is... // Underoath // Socratic // Lucky Boys Confusion //
// Go Betty Go // Autopilot Off //
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[31 Dec 2004|11:06pm]
Sambvca / Sambuca / however you spell it, tastes like licoric, can make tons of flaming drinks with it, made me throw up. :[

Dunno you, not from the board, or ummm, Canada you might have just been removed from my friends list. Just a heads up. I fucking hate filters just to see the fifteen or so journals I actually read.
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[12 Dec 2004|03:17am]
My complete mp3 collection.
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[04 Dec 2004|02:34pm]
Police have raided Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in hopes to find evidence against him for his child molestation case.

But unfortunately, all they were able to find was a ferris wheel, a monkey, the remains of the elephant man,surgical masks, diamond studded gloves, a train, a giant trampoline, a decompression chamber, a carousel, a petting zoo, bumper cars, a teepee village, some tigers, elephants, giraffes, orangutans, a bear, a crocodile, and the entire Beatles catalog.

You know, nothing unusual.

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[28 Nov 2004|09:12pm]
Attn: Carter Beats the Devil

Please, please, please help us out and come to the Florida Local Music Battle of the Bands at Spanky's in West Palm on December 11th. We need to sell (at least) 10 tickets in order to play. If you want to come, we'll be offering rides and sandwiching kids in the back of our cars so if youre interested (in watching the show and being sandwiched) email us at ab_rd2000@yahoo.com
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[21 Nov 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | amused ]

The Blame game.Collapse )

Everything is always J Lo's fault.

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[15 Nov 2004|12:20pm]
U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has submitted his resignation, a senior administration official tells CNN.

In other news, The Hewbrew Hammer is coming out on DVD. That's hot. It was an okay movie but the fact that Andy Dick was Santa's son and Adam Goldburg is the hammer means I need to get it.

Anyone want a gmail code? Honestly, someone take them. The stupid would like like to send a code shit on every e-mail is annoying me.

[ EDIT ]
Con Rice has been name Secretary of State. She's no Maddy Albright but...yeah there's nowhere to even go with that. Sorry.
[ EDIT ]
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[07 Nov 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

How to tell someone your hate their band thanks to Andrew.

Your band sucks. My husband to be is a shitload better than you. Stop giving me flyers. The end.

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This is my damn journal so fuck the cuts. [03 Nov 2004|07:33pm]
I asked the same question in my deadjournal about the election there and got a reply to it. I decided that I would post the exchange in here for a few reasons. It is long I know, and right about now politics is the last thing you want to read about, for that I am sorry, but this is what I decided to devote my life to two years ago.
Anyway, how many times do I actually make posts that are about something more important than what band has a new cd out.

Exs and Ohs,

The comment left

Do you support Kerry or do you just not support either of them?
I'll write a couple of reasons, but I don't want to write out a big, rambling thing.
I support Bush partly because he is a Christian, yes.
But since he is a Christian (and so am I) he has the same stance as I do on several issues. Gay marriage: I am opposed to it. Abortion: I am opposed to it.
Tax cuts: I support them. "But Bush is only giving tax cuts to the rich!!" It's primarily the rich, but not only so. My parents got money back from the government, and we're a lower-middle-class family. But the reason the tax cut went to the rich was to help the economy. Rich people buy a huge portion of what is being sold here, and if they have no money in their back pockets, they can't help.
Bush is (obviously) a republican. Even that label lets me know I will agree with him on more things. But I have checked a bit into what both candidates think, and beyond the label - I still agree with him more. Republicans are for smaller government, and more general freedom to the public. Democrats are generally back-seat drivers and want to make sure no one can do anything to offend anyone else. Not saying all of them are like that, but most people my age who are democrats are really, really utopian about their outlook on life. And they all think Republicans/conservatives want to destroy the environment and bla bla bla...like we on the right side live in a bubble. I know that if the evironment was to be depleted and destroyed, it wouldn't just effect liberals. On the issue of drilling in Alaska: It's probably a good idea to not endulge on Alaskan oil, but it's not entirely bad for the environment up there. There are species of animals that have been attracked to the heat generated by the oil drills, and they've reproduced much more than they did before.

Damnit, I said I wasn't going to ramble.
I'd like for you to respond to me, cause I want to know what you think. I'm sure there are some fallacies in my reasoning, so please talk to me about em!!
I just left out a bunch of crap I was going to mention because ADD got the best of me. >_<

My response

I did vote for John Kerry in the elections. I actually worked on his campaign volunteering my time at his Naples, Fla headquarters. I will be the first to say that I'm very liberal (which if you have studied politics is a rare thing in the Cuban-American community). With that said I guess since you did want me to comment back I will address each topic you have brought up.

[1] The Separation of Church and State

I personally do not feel that religion should be used in politics. It is the base of all morals, this is something that even Plato has brought up. But while religion is what makes our morals it should still be separated from the state. It is simply setting a way of life people may not want to live with. If I had to go to a school where I had to say a prayer in the morning I would not be the happiest person on the block. If I had my rights as a woman to choose taken away or not be given rights because I live a life style I cannot help but be against the religious right (and Zel Miller) that brought this upon me. When our government the separation of church and state was put in place for a reason. Our founders came here for their religion freedom and by having religion be the reason for major amendments and overturns would be taking away these rights. One example has to be the faith based drug programs Bush supports over rehabilitation centers. One of the missions most of these programs is to convert people of other religions to the word of god.

I just do not think that religion or any sort has a place in our government.

[2] Abortion and Gay Rights

While I do not think that abortion should ever be used as a type of birth control there are times when it is needed. I feel that if conception was thanks to rape or incest, or if the life of the mother is at stake, a woman should be able to use her rights. By taking away abortion I also feel that it is actually taking back the woman's right movement by decades. In the end it is better to have this process done in a clinic and have it legal than going back to the way it was before with back-alley abortions in which most woman who had them, would die of the. There was a reason that Roe vs. Wade was passed and it should stay that way.

As far as gay rights go, I much rather have one gay marriage that lasts then a hundred straight ones that end in divorce. And it isn't even that much that the homosexual population is asking for, they would simply be happy with a civil union that would give them the same rights as a married couple. I ask you to imagine for a moment that you were gay and your life partner has fallen deathly ill. You would not be able to see them because currently you are not family, you could not be able to make any decisions concerning them because once again you are not family. If they have a child you would not be able to adopt him / her as yours as well. You would not get the health care benefits or tax cuts that married couples do. All thanks to the fact that your love is "wrong".

[3] Oil Drilling.

The drilling in Alaska is far off but there is so much life there that just think of what would happened if there was an oil spill? No wait, we did in the 1980's with an spill in the waters. The ecosystem there is still suffering. But for me, I take a more local look. I has been brought up numerous amounts of time to start off shore drilling from Florida's gulf coast. Once again this area has a vast ecosystem that with the most minor mistake can kill off so much more than just a few animals. Many who live on the coast, just like in Alaska, rely on fishing for means of making money. If just a few species would dwindle in population it would effect all that life in the waters, and with such a drop so does the local economy. Also, Florida's economy is mostly based on tourism and would you honestly want to visit a place where on the horizon of the beach are oil drills?

[4] Economy

Any person with half a brain knows that with a slow economy tax cuts will help out. The richest two percent are the ones who get the money while the rest only gets pennies. Yeah it seems like a good idea but in the long run the help from this is only sort lived since these people are after all only two percent. If you want the economy to get moving you tax that two percent more heavily and offer tax relief to the middle class. But this is not the only problem, there was also the Estate Tax, or 'Death Tax',(to put it in simple words, you pay taxes when you inherit land) a tax that Bush said caused the middle American farmer to sell their land when it came time to pay it. Most people thought is was great when overturned but those who are rich also got the same. Funny thing is that never since the tax was instated has a person had to sell their property to pay these taxes. Also these taxes, if you were to research, are only are a concern if your property is worth a certain about and it's those small percent of the upper class that it effects. In reality there are many tax cuts for those who are not in the upper class who are effect when it does come to the 'Death Tax' that protects these people from ever paying this tax.
And do not for get tax shelter. The president and vice president have both been players in this with companies they have worked for and/or owned. Simply put, so that they do not have to play taxes on money they will locate a headquarters of there business on a Caribbean island so that they can 'shelter' millions of dollars they would have had to pay in taxes. Once again, more money that could have been used to help our economy.
It's also doesn't help giving these cuts to the top two percent, well unless you are Bush. By giving these people these tax cuts it's an easy way of them having money returned to his campaign.
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[03 Nov 2004|12:41pm]
[ mood | somber ]

Before I start my entry I have one thing to ask a few of you, (and you know who you are)why did you support/vote for Bush. I'm not here to put down your opinions but I honestly want to have some real reasons since these are just things I have not gotten. All I've heard was because they voted on party lines, it was who their parents voted for, he's a good Christian man, ect. and so on. I want to have real reasons dealing with the issues that where brought up. I will have my opinions but I will not even comment with them in return. I just want to know what it is about this man that made you lean his way.

Now to my post election post, or as I like to call it my "grieve but do not despair" post.

"It looks uh, very red, and then there's some blue there at the top where many of us will most likely spend the next four years, uh, I would imagine huddled, uh, huddled together.. uh.. and uh, in fact weeping."
On all the red states at 10:30 last night

"Its turning out to be something like a dream i had.. where i woke up crying."
On the bans in eleven states on Gay Marriage

Somehow Stewart can sum up the feelings of half this country right now.

"I wanted to tell you why I grieve . . . but why I don't despair."

But it is just so much building up that I cannot tell you why. Its not because of who is in office but rather what he has done to this country. Here we have a man who has polarized this country beyond what any other has. Here we are fellow country men not coming together to make this a better place to live but rather one where nothing is done. We have separated ourselves in black and white, we have no greys. Somehow we have not seen the light and see the lies that most politicians have given us.

We need to stop this. We need to stop hurting each other. Please look at the world through your counterpart from the other side. Maybe you will see why they stand where they do, and hell, maybe you will see how it may be better. Don't make this a country divided by something so simple as red and blues, make the place purple.

In the end of the day all I can say is at least it is over. Yet at the same time we face the fact that is has only just begun. We are facing some of our most important rights being taken away as women. We face the rights of one group of people will never get. We are almost to the point where we will no longer have privacy thanks to things like the Patriot Act. We face this country being placed into further debt. We face an economy where only the rich will benefit. We face the reinstating of a draft. We now have the Department of Homeland Security using children in ads to bring fear in our lives. I am not saying that Kerry would make anything better than it is now but I can only see things getting worse under Bush. But that should not be the point of all this. I've strayed too far from my actual message.

I just wish we were not divided by left or right, liberal or conservative, red or blue. I wish we were all one but that is something that is too much to ask for since it is not something that will happen. At least not in my lifetime and that is what is sad.

With all this I do have hope. For those of you who say you will be leaving to Canada or any other country in the world that will take the men from a country that is so hated right now. It is you who this country needs the most now. We are the ones who must rise against and fight the good fight. We have done so much right now. This election made people care and want to vote for the right thing. Our candidate has risen so many question that Bush will now have to answer to. So many now are more informed then they were four years ago. Young people in this country showed that they cared about their future. These are all things that cannot be taken away no matter who one. Like I posted yesterday, cry, but don't let it kill you. We made it through the first four years, and I know we could all make it through four more if we stick together. We will get through this, I know we will. Until then please keep humor in your heart and do not grow cynical and apathetic toward democracy. We have seen it in action this election more than before and is that not more than what we can ask for?

But just to raise the spirit of a few I give this. It's not real, I know, but it's something that we need to lighten our moods (and yes I know Barack is spelled wrong):
'o8 is only four years away!Collapse )

I do see Obama being the first Afro-American to hold the White House, I rather see him at president but vice and working his way up is just as good.

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[02 Nov 2004|10:27pm]
Best thing I've read today:

No matter who wins, try to be happy. Don't let this election hurt and divide the country anymore than it already is. If Kerry gets elected, don't gloat to every Republican you know (or don't); if Bush gets re-elected, cry, but don't let it kill you. We made it through the first four years, and I know we could all make it through four more if we stick together.

OH MY GOD! I love Rev. Al Sharpton. He's little jabs on TDS are the best thing ever.
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Baby, the only thing swift about me was the boat! [02 Nov 2004|02:32pm]
I'm fucking tired of everyone on tv, the internet, and the radio telling me to vote, so instead of being one of those too I shall give you this:

The time is coming very near for you to exercise your right to vote on November 2. Please take advantage of this great opportunity to shape the future. Educate yourselves on the issues that you feel affect your lives and put your democratic rights into action. This election is an amazing opportunity to show the leaders of this country that young voters are a force to be reckoned with, that we will not just sit idly by and allow ourselves to be afterthoughts in the minds of our policy makers. Don't allow your vote to be the echo of our political voice or your parent's views , but make your vote a projection of YOUR voice and your voice alone. Again, please educate yourselves on the issues and make your voice heard.

If you know the issues and are informed I say vote. If you are just doing out of the influence of friends or family then stay home. There's no shame in being able to vote but not doing so because you know nothing. The world might be better if you don't actually. If you are going to go and vote just because of others then there's no real point. You are just voting for someone else not the person who counts, you. It's almost as bad as people who are actually going to vote because of campaigns like Citizen Change. You should vote because you want to, not because it is your civic duty, not because Justin Timberlake says it is cool, not because Jon Stewart keeps talking about how just a few votes can make the election, but rather because you care. There is nothing worse than an uninformed voter or one who does not hold their own opinion but those of other.
If you don't want to don't vote. People who say you can't bitch about it after if you don't ar full of shit. I know I once took that stance but just like one of the men going for your vote today I've looked back and will admit to my mistake and taken the right stance (unlike the other who cannot admit to making any mistakes when he was asked during the debates). Anyway I wear flip-flops as a political statement so why not make some now? But back to what I was saying, This is a free country and hell, it is your right to bitch even if you don't vote. And if anyone says otherwise, call them a fascist, slap them in the face, and tell them your Rick James, bitch (hah for the love of pop culture).


Why read all those other blogs when you can get all your election news from the people who do it the best. The Daily Show blog. Don't forget to tune in tonight for their hour long live election coverage. Maybe someone, something, out there will love us and Jon's job will become harder these up coming four years.

You're Lewis Black. You're mad as hell, and
probably going to take it some more so that you
can use it in your segment.

Which Daily Show persona are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Election Day Coverage Drinking Games!
I need for someone to come over and try a few of those out with me.
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[15 Oct 2004|06:10pm]
Transcript of today's Crossfire where Jon Stewart did what we all have wanted to do for a long time: call Tucker Carlson a dick.Collapse )
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[12 Oct 2004|05:22pm]

October 12, 1998

Six years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

Click here to post this on your own page or weblog
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[09 Oct 2004|08:23pm]

I'm quite enjoying that community. Pretty much is the negroclash (another amazing community) but for us brown kids.

black, latin, asian, middle eastern, gay, woman, alien, whatever. Just join.

Must go see The Motorcycle Diaries (Gael as Che my chlidren) but with my luck I will have to wait until its run is up and get it on dvd.
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[28 Sep 2004|02:21pm]

So bloody good. Well compared to the last two videos anyway.

More random FOB stuff I moved from the Friends banner post because it doesn't fit on that page. Collapse )
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[21 Aug 2004|02:13pm]
A pre-emptive war that is emboldening terrorists. A massive budget deficit. A complete disregard for our international allies. A struggling economy and a continual stream of job moving overseas...

And amazingly, George W. Bush may still win. But not if VOTEsters can help it. VOTEsters.org is committed to defeating George W. Bush on November 2nd because he is wrong for America.

VOTEsters is a social network, like Friendster (TM) or MySpace, that allows people to "adopt" friends and pledge responsibility for making sure they vote.
By adopting you, I am pledging to do whatever it takes to get you to the polls on November 2, Election Day. Between now and then, I may forward you helpful information about your polling place, or send you reminders.

All you have to do is click the link below to accept my invitation:

Remember, the 2000 presidential election was decided by only 537 votes in Florida. If one person there had adopted 10 friends on VOTEsters, and those friends adopted 10 friends, and their friends adopted 10 more, George Bush would not be president. It's that simple. This time, let's show George W. Bush that our friends, in the cities and small towns all across this country, are more powerful than his friends in the corporate boardrooms, congressional backrooms, and right-wing courtrooms of America.
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